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Windscribe VPN Review 2023

Windscribe VPN is a popular service that offers unlimited simultaneous connections and a good free version. It is
great for streaming services like Netflix and torrenting. The service has room for improvement in terms of speed and
security, with the WireGuard protocol only being available on Android, and no independent audit currently offered.
However, Windscribe’s strong marketing team regularly sends amusing newsletters to its subscribers. Overall, it’s
checking out Windscribe if you’re looking for a VPN with decent features at an affordable price point.

Windscribe VPN features

Windscribe VPN is jam-packed with features that make it stand out among other VPN services. Not only does it offer
essential features like a kill switch and DNS leak protection, but it also has some advanced options such as double
timezone spoofing, and split tunneling. Windscribe also offers ad-blocking and tracker blocking to enhance your online

One unique feature of Windscribe is its ability to generate temporary email addresses for sign-ups, which can help
protect your real email address from spam and hackers. The service also offers port forwarding for those who need it.

Additionally, Windscribe has a wide range of server locations in over 60 countries, making it easy to find a fast
connection no matter where you are in the world. Overall, Windscribe’s extensive list of features makes it a great
choice for those looking for more than just basic VPN functionality.

Kill switch

Before using a VPN, it’s important to ensure that it has a reliable kill switch. A kill switch is a function designed
halt your internet connection should the VPN connection be compromised. Its purpose is to avert the accidental
disclosure of your legitimate IP address.

During testing, it was observed that Windscribe’s kill switch functioned effectively. The app disconnected the
connection when the VPN was shut down forcibly. Once the VPN connection was secure, the app automatically reconnected
and displayed a notification.

Having a reliable kill switch is crucial for anyone who values their online privacy and security. If you’re
using a VPN, make sure that it has this feature before signing up. With Windscribe’s effective kill switch, you can
assured that your internet activity will remain private and secure even if something goes wrong with your VPN

Split tunneling

Split tunneling is a feature that lets you choose which apps go through your VPN connection. This option is available
Windscribe VPN for Windows, Mac, and Android apps. Split tunneling helps save bandwidth or visit a site that needs
real location. Selecting which apps bypass the VPN can be confusing as the list contains different themes and
services. Split tunneling is an important feature for those who want more control over their internet traffic and
privacy. Hopefully, Windscribe will make this process easier in the future so that users can take full advantage of
useful feature.

Double Hop

Windscribe VPN offers a unique Double Hop feature, which allows users to connect through two different servers of
choice. Incorporating an additional level of anonymity, the visited websites can solely view the second location, thus
further concealing your authentic IP address. To employ this functionality, installation of both the desktop
and a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera is necessary. The extension is responsible for supplementing the
second location to your connection. Double Hop is an excellent way to enhance security and privacy when browsing
It’s especially useful for those who want to go beyond regular VPN connections and ensure that their online activity
remains private and anonymous. With Windscribe’s Double Hop feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that your
connection is secure and protected from prying eyes.

Secure Hotspot

Windscribe VPN’s Secure Hotspot feature is a great way to share your secure connection with others without them
to install the app themselves. The Secure Hotspot feature of Windscribe VPN provides a protected wifi connection on
one’s computer that other people can connect to. This option is restricted to Windows users and requires a compatible
wireless adapter for usage. By utilizing this feature, individuals can easily share their secure connection with
or family members without access to a VPN service. It makes browsing safer and more convenient for everyone involved.
if you’re looking for an easy way to share your secure connection with others, be sure to check out Windscribe VPN’s
Secure Hotspot feature today!


Windscribe VPN’s built-in firewall is a crucial feature that sets it apart from other VPN providers. The firewall
ensures that no potential leaks occur in case of a VPN connection shutdown by blocking all connections outside the VPN
tunnel. This guarantees that no packets will leave your device even when the VPN disconnect, and it is more efficient
than a kill switch in securing your data and privacy.

Without a firewall, your device could potentially leak vital information even when connected to a VPN service.
Windscribe’s firewall ensures that all traffic goes through the secure tunnel created by the VPN, keeping you safe
prying eyes.

The Windows and macOS apps of Windscribe come with this built-in feature, giving users peace of mind when browsing
online. With Windscribe’s firewall protection, you can enjoy complete online security without worrying about
leaks while using public Wi-Fi or accessing risky websites.

Auto Pilot

Windscribe VPN’s Auto Pilot is a handy feature available on its browser extensions that makes browsing much more
convenient. It automatically selects the best location for you based on speed, eliminating any concerns about lagging
internet speeds.

But that’s not all – Auto Pilot also helps you access geo-blocked sites by connecting you to the server needed for
unblocking them. This means you won’t have to manually search for servers or worry about which one to choose.

In short, Windscribe’s Auto Pilot takes the guesswork out of selecting servers and ensures that your browsing
is smooth and hassle-free. With this feature, users can enjoy faster internet speeds and unrestricted access to their
favorite websites without having to worry about technical details or complicated settings.

Time Warp

Windscribe VPN offers a feature called Time Warp that enables users to maintain their online privacy. This feature is
available on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser extensions, and it falsifies users’ timezone to match the connected
server’s location. As a result, websites are unable to detect the use of a VPN.

This is particularly useful for accessing geo-restricted content that may only be available in certain countries or
regions. With Time Warp, you can easily connect to servers in those locations without worrying about being detected.

Moreover, Time Warp provides an extra layer of anonymity by hiding your actual location from websites and online
trackers. It also improves your overall browsing experience by reducing lagging speeds caused by distance between your
location and the server you’re connected to.

Overall, Windscribe VPN’s Time Warp feature is a must-have for anyone looking for better privacy protection and
access to geo-blocked content.


Windscribe VPN’s R.O.B.E.R.T. is a powerful tool for protecting your device from online threats. This highly
customizable domain and IP blocking feature blocks ads and trackers, making additional ad-blocker software
Paid subscribers to Windscribe also benefit from protection against malicious pages that can infect their computer

R.O.B.E.R.T. allows users to block or whitelist sites related to gambling, explicit content, and clickbait. This
ensures that users have control over the content they see online.

Overall, R.O.B.E.R.T. is a valuable addition to Windscribe VPN’s suite of features, providing an extra layer of
for all users.

Is Windscribe VPN capable of delivering fast speed performance?

When it comes to speed, Windscribe VPN has its ups and downs. During our testing, we found that certain servers like
Germany, Australia, and Lithuania provided fast download and upload speeds. However, other servers slowed down our
connection considerably.

For example, the US (LA) server only provided a 36 Mbps download speed and a 44 Mbps upload speed – not ideal for
streaming or downloading large files. On the other hand, the Germany server provided an impressive 190 Mbps download
speed and a 234 Mbps upload speed.

Overall, while Windscribe VPN may not be the fastest option out there, it still provides decent speeds on many of its
servers. For those who prioritize speed above all else, it’s worth doing some research to find the best server
for your needs.

Is Windscribe compatible with Netflix for streaming?

When it comes to streaming, Windscribe VPN is a reliable choice. The service offers optimized servers for streaming,
known as Windflix servers, which are available in the US, Canada, the UK, and Japan. During our testing, we found that
Windflix US successfully unblocked geo-restricted content on Netflix.

In addition to Netflix, Windscribe also works with other popular streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Youtube.
It’s refreshing to find a VPN service that lives up to its claims of unblocking streaming content without any issues.

Overall, if you’re looking for a VPN service that can reliably unblock streaming content, Windscribe is definitely
considering. Just be sure to connect to one of their optimized servers for the best experience.

Is Windscribe VPN safe?

Windscribe VPN is generally considered to be a safe and reliable service. However, there have been some concerns in
past. In June 2021, Ukrainian authorities seized two Windscribe servers. The company later disclosed that these
were running a legacy stack, which has since been discontinued. The OpenVPN server certificate and private key were
on these servers. It’s unclear what information may have been compromised during this incident.

Despite this incident, Windscribe VPN continues to prioritize user privacy and security. The service uses strong
encryption protocols and offers features such as a firewall and ad blocker to further enhance security. Overall, while
the seizure of the two servers is concerning, Windscribe VPN remains a viable option for those looking for a safe and
secure VPN service. As always, it’s important to use caution when using any online service, including VPNs.


Encryption is the process of encoding information so that it can only be read by authorized parties. It’s an
tool for protecting sensitive data online, such as financial transactions, personal information, and confidential
business communications. There are various encryption algorithms available, but one of the strongest options is
This cipher has never been broken and is used by organizations dealing with highly sensitive data.

In addition to encryption, authentication is also crucial in ensuring secure communication. SHA-512 is a strong
algorithm for this purpose, providing a high level of security against unauthorized access. Another important aspect
encryption is the handshake method used to establish a secure connection between devices. The 4096-bit RSA key is a
popular choice due to its strength and reliability.

Overall, encryption plays an essential role in safeguarding our online activity and protecting our privacy. By using
reliable VPN services like Windscribe VPN that prioritize strong encryption protocols, users can enjoy peace of mind
knowing that their sensitive data remains safe from prying eyes.

Tunneling protocols

Tunneling protocols are an essential component of VPNs as they allow for the secure transfer of data between devices.
Windscribe VPN offers a variety of tunneling protocols to choose from, including IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.
users may find the freedom of choice overwhelming or confusing. It’s best to stick with the default protocol unless
there are connection issues.

If problems arise, changing the protocol can often solve them. Each protocol has its strengths and weaknesses; for
example, IKEv2 is fast but uses more resources while OpenVPN is slower but more reliable. Ultimately, the choice
on individual preferences and needs.

Regardless of which protocol is chosen, encryption remains a crucial aspect of VPN usage. AES-256 encryption is one
the strongest options available and should be used whenever possible. Other important factors include authentication
methods like SHA-512 and handshake methods like the 4096-bit RSA key.

In conclusion, tunneling protocols are an essential part of any VPN service, and Windscribe VPN offers a range of
options to suit different user needs. Strong encryption protocols should always be prioritized to ensure maximum
security online.


Windscribe VPN is transparent about the data it logs, which includes the transaction ID of your payment for 30 days,
amount of bytes transferred each month, and the timestamp of your last activity using the VPN. While some may be
hesitant to use a VPN that collects any data at all, Windscribe’s approach is still privacy-focused.

When it comes to logging, it’s important to consider the purpose behind it. In Windscribe’s case, they use this
information for billing purposes and to monitor server performance. It’s also worth noting that none of this data can
used to identify individual users or their online activities.

Overall, while zero-logging policies are desirable in a VPN service, Windscribe’s transparency about what they do log
and why should offer users peace of mind. As with any VPN provider, it’s always best to carefully review their privacy
policy before deciding if they’re right for you.

Server locations

Windscribe VPN offers a diverse selection of server locations with 480+ servers in 63+ countries. The majority of
locations are in Europe, followed by Asia and North America. However, the coverage in Africa and South America could
improved. It’s important to note that Windscribe VPN claims to only use physical servers, which can make it difficult
cover certain countries due to legal restrictions. While they do have a server named “Fake Antarctica – Troll
it’s unlikely that they actually have servers located there. Despite having fewer servers than some other VPNs, the
selection of countries offered by Windscribe is still quite diverse. Users should carefully review their privacy
before deciding if Windscribe is the right VPN provider for them.

Plans & pricing

Windscribe VPN offers affordable pricing plans to its users. The yearly plan is the most cost-effective, costing only
$4.08 per month or $48.96 annually. Alternatively, users can opt for the monthly plan which costs $9 a month or the
customizable build-a-plan which starts at just $1 per month per location. Both the monthly and yearly plans offer
unlimited bandwidth and simultaneous connections with no difference in features.

While Windscribe VPN has fewer servers than some other VPNs, it still provides a diverse selection of server
with 480+ servers in 63+ countries around the world. However, its coverage in Africa and South America could be

It’s important to note that Windscribe claims to use physical servers exclusively due to legal restrictions, meaning
that certain countries may not be covered by their service. As such, potential users should carefully review
VPN’s privacy policy before deciding if it’s the right provider for them.

Interface and ease of use

Windscribe VPN has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The app’s dashboard displays all the essential
features, making it simple for beginners to use. The app also provides a map view that allows users to choose from
various server locations with ease.

Moreover, Windscribe VPN’s client applications are available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS,
and Linux. Users can also install browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

The desktop apps have an automatic kill switch feature which ensures that traffic will be stopped should the VPN
connection drop unexpectedly. Additionally, Windscribe offers split tunneling which allows users to specify which
applications use the VPN connection and which do not.

Overall, Windscribe VPN’s intuitive interface combined with its useful features makes it an excellent choice for both
novice and experienced users.

Desktop versions

Windscribe VPN’s desktop versions provide a range of protocols including WireGuard, OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2,
Stealth and WStunnel. While the design of the Windows application may not be as convenient as other VPNs such as
NordVPN, it is still user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The main dashboard displays all essential features while the app also offers a map view for selecting server
Windscribe VPN’s desktop apps also offer an automatic kill switch feature that stops traffic should the VPN connection
drop unexpectedly.

Moreover, Windscribe offers split tunneling which enables users to specify which applications use the VPN connection
which ones do not. The desktop applications are available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Overall, Windscribe VPN’s desktop versions provide a range of useful features that make it an excellent choice for
novice and experienced users.


Windscribe VPN is a popular security tool that offers various protocols for connecting to the internet. Among these
protocols are OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2, Stealth, and WStunnel. The macOS app of Windscribe boasts a similar
design as its Windows counterpart with the same options for the kill switch and connection protocols. The UI functions
in the same way as well.

One advantage of Windscribe VPN’s macOS app is that it doesn’t have issues with IKEv2, WStunnel, and Stealth
protocols. However, users may find it annoying that the app displays a “connected” notification before actually

Overall, Windscribe VPN is a reliable tool for securing your online activities on macOS devices. With its range of
protocols and user-friendly interface, you can enjoy browsing the internet without worrying about cyber threats.


Windscribe VPN provides CLI applications for Linux users, particularly for Debian and Red Hat. Some users may face
difficulties while setting up the Linux app, but the installation guide for the application can be improved.

One common problem is the failure to create a virtual interface, preventing users from connecting to Windscribe’s
servers. Additionally, Linux users have fewer tunneling protocols compared to macOS and Windows. But all hope is not
lost as the Stealth protocol is still available, which can be especially useful for those in China.

Despite its limitations, Windscribe VPN can still be an effective tool for securing your online activities on Linux
devices. With its reliable OpenVPN protocols and Stealth option, you can browse the internet with peace of mind
that your data is safe from prying eyes.

Windscribe mobile apps

Windscribe VPN offers a slick and modern Android app that supports a range of tunneling protocols, including OpenVPN
UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2, Stealth, and WireGuard. The app allows users to make connection modifications and choose
specific servers for their needs. Additionally, Windscribe VPN’s Android app is the only version that supports

Overall, the Windscribe VPN Android app provides an excellent user experience with its intuitive interface and
features. It also ensures that your online activities are protected from cyber threats while you browse the internet
your mobile device. Whether you’re using public Wi-Fi or accessing sensitive information on your phone or tablet,
Windscribe VPN has got you covered. So if you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly VPN solution for your mobile
device, Windscribe VPN is definitely worth considering.

Windscribe iOS app

The Windscribe iOS app may not have as many tunneling protocols as its Android counterpart, but it still provides a
solid VPN experience. The app supports OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, and IKEv2 protocols to ensure your online activities
are protected from cyber threats. Although some users report an unstable connection, the app has a high rating of 4.7
out of 5 on the App Store with positive user reviews.

The user interface of the Windscribe iOS app is almost identical to the Android version, making it easy for users to
navigate and modify connection settings. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and straightforward VPN solution
your iPhone or iPad, Windscribe VPN’s iOS app is worth considering. It may not offer as many advanced features as its
Android counterpart, but it still provides solid protection for your online privacy and security.

Browser extensions

Windscribe VPN offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that provide additional features not found in
the main applications. These extensions include Smokewall, Ad Crusher, Tracker Eradicator, and Malware Evader which
enhance your browsing experience by blocking ads and trackers while protecting you from malware.

Although the extensions are meant to allow control of the desktop app, some users may encounter issues with
However, overall the browser extensions offer a lot of added value to Windscribe’s VPN service.

If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your online security and privacy without having to download multiple
applications or software, Windscribe VPN’s browser extensions are worth trying out. They offer a variety of features
that can help protect your personal data from cyber threats while providing you with a more seamless browsing

Customer support

Windscribe VPN offers excellent customer support to its users. If you have any questions or issues with the service,
can visit their self-help center, which includes setup guides, a knowledge base, and an FAQ section. The subreddit is
also active and helpful.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, try talking to Garry the bot or submitting a ticket. You should
a response from a customer support agent within a few hours or a day.

Overall, Windscribe VPN’s customer support is reliable and efficient. You can rest assured that your concerns will be
addressed promptly and professionally.

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