PureVPN Review: Comprehensive Analysis of Features, Performance, and Security

PureVPN is a fast and secure VPN provider with plenty of features for users to enjoy. It provides strong data
encryption, lots of secure protocols and features for seamless torrenting and streaming. In the past, there have been
some mixed reviews about PureVPN’s speed results and security reputation, but recently the company has improved in
areas. This includes becoming the very first VPN to offer an Always-On Audit, which means that its security has been
greatly enhanced. We’ve tested this provider out extensively to answer all of your questions and it’s clear that
is reliable and user friendly. With one of the largest networks in the industry, you can connect from anywhere in the
world quickly and securely to access any content you want.

The features of PureVPN have been updated in March 2023

PureVPN is a top-notch VPN provider that offers a wide range of features to suit all users. For starters, it includes
military-grade encryption and several secure protocols for added protection. It also has an impressive 6500+ servers
located in 140+ countries for fast speeds. Additionally, PureVPN’s 10 device per license limit makes it perfect for
large households or businesses; plus, their kill switch feature ensures your data remains private even if your
connection drops unexpectedly. Plus, they offer 24/7 live chat support, making it easy to get help with any issue you
may have quickly. Moreover, PureVPN allows torrenting without any restrictions and also provides access to streaming
services like Netflix and Hulu. All in all, PureVPN is well worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable VPN
service with great features.

Security — Military-Grade Encryption

Military-grade encryption is the strongest form of data protection available today. It uses powerful algorithms to
scramble data into an unreadable format, making it virtually impossible for hackers or other malicious entities to
access your information. With military-grade encryption, your online activities are kept confidential and secure as
as you use a reputable VPN provider such as PureVPN. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your data remains safe
if the connection drops; PureVPN’s kill switch feature disconnects you from the internet if the connection is lost,
protecting your sensitive data from being exposed. In conclusion, military-grade encryption is the most reliable way
protect your private details when browsing online.


Encryption is an essential tool for keeping your data secure and private while browsing the internet. It encodes your
data into a complex, unreadable format so that it remains safe from hackers or other malicious entities. PureVPN uses
military-grade encryption to ensure complete online anonymity and privacy. This means that your data is virtually
unhackable with the highest level of security available today. Furthermore, PureVPN’s kill switch feature
disconnects you from the internet if the connection is lost, protecting your sensitive data from being exposed. In
conclusion, encryption is the best way to protect yourself when navigating through cyberspace – always make sure to
a reliable VPN provider like PureVPN for maximum security and privacy.


Protocols are an important part of online security and privacy. They determine how data is exchanged between two
devices, such as your computer and a website you’re visiting. PureVPN offers three different protocols to choose from

OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, and L2TP/IPsec – each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. OpenVPN is the most
protocol available today, providing high levels of encryption without sacrificing speed or reliability. IKEv2/IPsec is
another reliable option that is designed for mobile devices, while L2TP/IPsec is a simpler protocol that provides
levels of encryption. Ultimately, choosing the right protocol depends on your individual needs; PureVPN allows you to
customize your connection settings according to what best suits your purposes.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is a useful feature that allows users to access an internet-connected device or service from another
location. By configuring it properly, computers outside your network can be granted access to a specific device
connected to your local network. This is especially helpful for people who need to access their computer while away or
play an online game with friends. PureVPN offers this feature as part of its subscription, however it does not come
pre-configured and requires additional setup in order for it to work correctly. For those who prefer a hassle free
experience, PureVPN also offers port forwarding as an add-on for less than a dollar per month.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection is a feature offered by PureVPN that can help protect your connection from malicious attacks. These
attacks are designed to overwhelm your system with traffic and cause it to crash or become inaccessible. DDoS
helps prevent this by providing an extra layer of security for your connection, making it much harder for attackers to
breach your network. With PureVPN’s DDoS protection, you can rest assured that your data and privacy are safe from the
threat of malicious online activity. The service also offers additional features such as port forwarding and advanced
encryption protocols so you can enjoy a secure and uninterrupted experience while browsing the web.

Kill Switch

A kill switch is a security feature found in many Virtual Private Network (VPN) services that prevents your data from
being exposed if the VPN connection fails. It works by automatically cutting off your internet connection if the
tunnel of the VPN unexpectedly disconnects, preventing any data from entering or leaving your device. PureVPN’s kill
switch, known as IKS, is enabled by default and keeps users safe by ensuring their activities remain anonymous. If
you’re using PureVPN for streaming, downloading large files, or playing online games, having a reliable kill switch is
essential to keep your IP address hidden and secure your data. With its industry-leading encryption protocols and
advanced security measures, PureVPN can provide an extra layer of protection to its users so they can stay safe and
secure while browsing online.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is a feature found in VPNs that allows you to selectively route certain types of traffic through the
while other traffic passes directly through your ISP. This feature can be incredibly useful for those who want to
streaming services, play online games, download large files, or use their bank accounts securely from different
locations. With PureVPN’s split tunneling feature, users can choose whether they want all of their traffic to go
the VPN or only the traffic generated by select apps. Split tunneling is currently available on the Windows and
apps, and can be enabled with just a few clicks. By allowing users to divide up their internet activity between two
sources, split tunneling gives them more control over their privacy and security when connected to a virtual private

The protection covers IP, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Leak technologies.

Leak protection is an important part of using a VPN, and PureVPN offers a comprehensive suite to ensure your data
remains safe. IP leak protection prevents websites from seeing your real IP address, while DNS and WebRTC leak
protection stop websites from seeing any IP address associated with the VPN. IPv6 leak protection ensures that
can’t see any IPv6 addresses associated with the VPN. All of these features are enabled by default on all of PureVPN’s
apps and servers, so you don’t have to worry about them when connected. With this extensive leak protection system in
place, you can be sure that your data is secure when using PureVPN.

Our No-Logs Policy and Outside the 5 Eyes Alliance ensure your privacy.

PureVPN is committed to user privacy, which is why it has a strict no-logs policy. This means that no logs of your
activity or data are stored while connected to the VPN. To further protect your privacy, PureVPN is also located
of the 5 Eyes Alliance, an intelligence alliance between five countries that share intelligence and surveillance
information. By being outside this alliance, PureVPN can guarantee that none of your data or activity will be shared
with these countries’ governments. With its commitment to user privacy and its location outside of the 5 Eyes
you can be sure that your data remains safe when using PureVPN.

PureVPN Doesn’t Keep Identifiable Logs

PureVPN has a strong commitment to users’ privacy, which is why it doesn’t keep identifiable logs. This means that
service does not store any of your activity or data while connected to the VPN. While PureVPN does collect some
information such as your name, email address, and payment method when you first sign up for the service, this
information is used only for providing and maintaining the service itself. Additionally, PureVPN states in its policy
that it doesn’t collect IP addresses or browsing activities. This ensures that none of your personal data or activity
can be tracked while using PureVPN. With its no-logs policy and commitment to user privacy, you can be sure that your
data remains safe and secure while using the service.


PureVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, a location that provides users with the privacy and security they
need. The BVI is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, but it’s outside of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance
That means that no government can access or request data from PureVPN without a valid court order. Additionally, the
country has no mandatory data retention laws, which means that PureVPN doesn’t have to keep logs of user activity.
makes it an ideal location for users who want to remain anonymous and secure while using the VPN. With its commitment
privacy, PureVPN’s BVI location gives customers peace of mind when connecting to the service.


PureVPN’s commitment to customer privacy is further strengthened by independent audits. Altius IT, an independent
US-based auditor, has gone over the VPN’s system and configuration and certified that it does not keep any logs of
activity. In addition, PureVPN has an always-on contract with KPMG, one of the biggest auditing firms in the world.
allows them to audit PureVPN at any time without notice. The results of these audits have been consistently positive;
KPMG has concluded that “PureVPN puts a strong emphasis on the privacy of its customers”. With these types of rigorous
audits in place, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure when using PureVPN.

Ease of Use

Using PureVPN is incredibly easy. Their desktop app is a breeze to navigate, and you can customize the VPN to your
with just a few clicks. Changing server locations, setting up other devices and accessing customer support are all
conveniently located on the left-hand side of the app. There’s also an intuitive settings menu that allows you to set
your protocols, decide when PureVPN connects, and specify which apps should be tunneled. The app runs smoothly in the
background so there are no interruptions while you use it. PureVPN has made sure that their service is accessible and
user-friendly for everyone regardless of technical knowledge or experience with VPNs.

Android App & iOS App

PureVPN’s Android and iOS apps offer users a great way to stay secure and anonymous online. The apps are minimalist
powerful, offering quick connection options as well as detailed settings and more. The Android app is clean and
attractive, with a large button for quick connection, as well as the recommended server for your location. On the
side of the screen is a question mark icon that leads to PureVPN’s comprehensive support including in-app live chat
feature. For iOS users, the app provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find your desired VPN
settings quickly. With just a few taps you can access servers from different countries with just one click. Both apps
also have an automatic kill switch feature to protect you if your connection drops or gets disconnected unexpectedly.
whether you’re on Android or iOS, PureVPN has got you covered when it comes to staying secure online.

Server Locations

PureVPN has servers in 78 countries, which is quite impressive for a VPN provider of its size. In addition to popular
locations such as the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia, PureVPN also offers coverage in Africa and much of
You can connect to any server you want – no matter where it’s located – with just one click. All of PureVPN’s servers
are fast and reliable, making it easy to stream content and browse securely on any device. Furthermore, all of its
servers are optimized for torrenting so you don’t have to worry about slow speeds or unreliable connections when
downloading or streaming large files. With such a wide range of server locations available, PureVPN makes sure that no
matter where you are in the world, you’ll always be able to access your favorite content without compromising your
online security or privacy.

PureVPN Server List

PureVPN has a massive and diverse server list, with over 78 countries to choose from. You can access any of these
servers with just one click, making it easy to find the perfect server for streaming content or browsing securely. All
of PureVPN’s servers are fast and reliable, so you won’t have to worry about sluggish speeds or unreliable
Furthermore, all of its servers are optimized for torrenting and downloading large files without any slowdowns or
disconnections. In addition, PureVPN offers great coverage in Africa and Asia – two regions that many VPN providers
ignore completely. With such a wide range of servers available, you can rest assured that your online security and
privacy will never be compromised no matter where you’re located.


PureVPN’s speeds are now some of the fastest in the industry, making it a great choice for those who want quick and
reliable connections. With its 20 Gbps servers, you can easily stream HD content without buffering or lag. Downloading
large files is also a breeze with PureVPN’s high-speed servers, as they can transfer data much faster than traditional
Gbps servers. Furthermore, their speeds have been tested by independent third parties to ensure that they’re accurate
and consistent across all servers. With PureVPN’s fast speeds, you can browse the web securely and privately without
worrying about slowdowns or disconnections.

Streaming Performance

Unfortunately, streaming performance with PureVPN is still a bit of a mixed bag. While it can unblock some streaming
services such as BBC iPlayer, its ability to access other services including Netflix and Hulu is inconsistent. This
means that you may experience buffering or lag while trying to stream content. We also found that the connection was
unreliable and sometimes dropped unexpectedly. In addition, the speeds are not always consistent across all servers.
Therefore, we would not recommend PureVPN for streaming unless it improves its stability and reliability in this area.

Does PureVPN allow access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. PureVPN can unblock some versions of Netflix, but not all. For
instance, it can unblock the US version of Netflix, however it may struggle with other regional versions.
you may experience buffering or lag due to its inconsistent streaming performance.

It’s a similar story with Amazon Prime Video. Some customers have reported success in unblocking the service, while
others have encountered problems. In particular, users have complained about slow speeds and connection drops when
trying to access the service through PureVPN servers.

Overall, it appears that PureVPN is still working on improving its streaming capabilities so its ability to unblock
Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will likely improve over time. However, at the moment we would not recommend using
PureVPN if you are looking for reliable streaming performance as there are better options available.

PureVPN Review – Pricing and Accounts

PureVPN is a popular VPN provider that offers a range of subscription plans to suit different needs. Its pricing
are very straightforward, with discounts the longer you subscribe for. The monthly plan costs $10.95 and the 12 month
plan is $69.95/year, with a free trial for $0.99. There’s also a 3-year plan which works out at only $3.33 per month –
great value for money!

The service also offers multiple accounts, allowing you to connect up to five devices simultaneously and share your
subscription with others. This makes PureVPN ideal for households or groups of friends who all want to benefit from
features without having to pay separately for each account.

Overall, PureVPN is an affordable and dependable VPN provider that offers great value for money and good levels of
privacy protection – making it well worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable VPN service.

Payment Options

PureVPN offers a range of payment options to fit the needs of all kinds of users. The most popular payment methods
credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and PayPal, while cryptocurrency is also accepted. This makes PureVPN one of the
VPN providers that accepts cryptocurrency, which is great for those who prefer this method of payment. All payments
secure and encrypted, ensuring maximum protection for your financial data. In addition, PureVPN offers discounts when
you subscribe for longer periods of time – so if you’re looking for a reliable VPN service at an affordable price,
PureVPN could be the perfect choice!

Money-Back Guarantee

PureVPN offers a generous 31-day money-back guarantee for all new orders and order renewals. This means that
have more than enough time to thoroughly test out the VPN service and decide if it’s the right one for them. If after
days they are still not satisfied with the service, they can easily request a full refund. This feature is highly
beneficial for those who are new to VPNs, as it gives them extra time to get familiar with its features and decide
whether or not it meets their needs. Furthermore, this policy allows users to confidently try out PureVPN without any
risk of wasting their money.

Free Trial

PureVPN offers a free trial for all users, making it easy for anyone to try out the service and see if it’s right for
them. The free trial lasts seven days and can be used on different devices such as mobile phones and laptops. All
have to do is download the PureVPN app and sign up with an email address. During the seven-day period, they will have
full access to all of the features that come with PureVPN, including fast speeds, reliable security protocols, and
unlimited bandwidth. Furthermore, customers won’t need to provide any payment information to get started; they just
an email address. This makes it easy for potential customers to test out PureVPN without any risk or obligation.

A Not-So-Free Trial

Unfortunately, PureVPN’s “free” trial isn’t quite as free as it seems. While the company does offer customers an
opportunity to test out its service without payment, there are still some restrictions in place. For example, the
seven-day period covers only one device, meaning that customers have to purchase a subscription if they want to use
devices during the trial period. Furthermore, certain features may be inaccessible or limited during this time. This
because PureVPN reserves the right to limit or restrict access to certain features for trial users. As such, customers
should consider all of these factors before signing up for the free trial.

Customer Support

Customer service is an important factor when it comes to choosing a VPN provider. Fortunately, PureVPN is well aware
this and provides its customers with multiple options for getting help if they need it. Its knowledge base is filled
with useful information that can be accessed at any time. If the customer still cannot find what they are looking for,
they can generate a ticket and wait for a response via email. Alternatively, users can contact the company’s customer
support agents 24/7 through the live chat option. Moreover, PureVPN has extended its support to 11 different languages
and added a support center notification feature for all users. This way, customers can stay up-to-date on any changes
updates related to their service.

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