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VPN Unlimited is a secure and reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider that delivers great value for money. It
provides fast connection speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and full access to geo-restricted streaming services such as
Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The service also offers kill switch technology which allows you to disconnect from the
internet should your VPN connection drop. As an added bonus, VPN Unlimited also supports P2P/Torrenting activities on
their servers located in the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and the UK.

The pricing plans are quite reasonable compared to other leading providers. For instance, the 6 month plan costs just
$3.99 per month while a yearly subscription will only set you back $2.99 per month. Furthermore, if you’re still
undecided about whether or not to use their service there is also a 7-day free trial available so that you can test it
out before committing to anything long term.

In conclusion, VPN Unlimited is an affordable virtual private network provider with many features suitable for both
casual users and power users alike. The combination of fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth and support for streaming
services makes this a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable VPN solution with generous data allowances and
strong security protocols in place.

Does VPN Unlimited allow access to Netflix?

Yes, VPN Unlimited does unblock Netflix. This makes it an attractive choice for those who want to access multiple
libraries while keeping their data secure. With VPN Unlimited, you can stream your favorite shows and movies on
US, UK, and Japan with excellent streaming quality when using the WireGuard protocol. Furthermore, VPN Unlimited also
unblocks BBC iPlayer and YouTube so you can enjoy a variety of content from around the world without any restrictions.
All in all, VPN Unlimited is a great option for users who want to access geo-restricted streaming services without
compromising security or speed.

VPN Unlimited features

VPN Unlimited is a highly secure and reliable VPN service that offers a wide range of features. It provides
military-grade encryption, giving users peace of mind that their browsing activity and personal data are secure. In
addition, it has a strict no-logs policy, which means that VPN Unlimited does not store any user data or activity
Plus, there is an automatic kill switch for added security in case your connection drops unexpectedly. Furthermore,
its split tunneling feature you can choose which apps to route through the VPN and which ones to run normally on your
device. Finally, it also includes DNS leak protection to ensure that your identity remains hidden at all times.
VPN Unlimited provides strong security and excellent features for users who want to enjoy secure browsing without
sacrificing speed or performance.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling is a powerful feature offered by VPN Unlimited that allows users to choose which apps will connect to
the VPN and which ones will use regular internet access. This is especially useful for those who are looking to
their torrenting activities, as they can easily start up the VPN when they open their torrenting client. Similarly,
split tunneling also allows users to watch content from their local Netflix library without slowing down their
connection. Unfortunately, split tunneling is available on Android only at this time. However, it still provides an
invaluable layer of security and privacy for those who are concerned about internet privacy and security.

KeepSolid DNS Firewall

KeepSolid DNS Firewall is an advanced feature offered by VPN Unlimited that allows users to control which content can
accessed on their home network. The Firewall provides a way to block certain websites, content types, or even entire
domains. It also offers the ability to blacklist specific subdomains within a domain, making it more difficult for
malicious actors to access your information. By using KeepSolid DNS Firewall with VPN Unlimited, users can enjoy an
increased level of internet privacy and security as they browse online. Additionally, the firewall ensures that all of
your data is kept safe from third-party snoopers, giving you peace of mind when browsing.

Is VPN unlimited safe?

Yes, VPN Unlimited is generally considered safe to use. The service offers an AES-256 encryption protocol and
tunneling protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec that keep your data secure as you browse the internet. Additionally,
the company has implemented a DNS Firewall to ensure that malicious actors have difficulty accessing your information.
When connected to a VPN server, all of your traffic is encrypted and routed through secure tunnels so that it can’t be
intercepted or read by third-parties. Therefore, you can rest assured that your personal data is secure when using VPN


Encryption is an important security measure used to protect data from unauthorized access. It works by encoding the
so that it can’t be read or accessed without a decryption key. Different types of encryption algorithms are available,
but they all use some form of mathematical equation and cipher to scramble the data into an unreadable format. The
common algorithm used today is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which uses a 256-bit cipher to encrypt data. This
type of encryption provides a high level of security against hackers and other malicious actors who may try to gain
access to your confidential information. Encryption algorithms can also be used in combination with other security
measures such as firewalls and network segmentation for maximum protection.

Tunneling protocols

Tunneling protocols are an important part of online security. They provide a layer of protection against hackers and
other malicious actors by creating a secure virtual tunnel between two devices. The most common type of tunneling
protocol is IPsec, which utilizes encryption algorithms such as AES to ensure data privacy and integrity. It also
provides authentication so that only authorized users can access the data. Other popular protocols include OpenVPN and
WireGuard, both of which offer improved performance and security compared to traditional IPsec tunnels. Furthermore,
these protocols also support advanced features such as split-tunneling, allowing users to selectively choose which
traffic should be routed through the VPN connection. By using tunneling protocols in combination with other security
measures, you can ensure your data remains safe and secure at all times.

Kill switch

The Kill switch is an essential feature for any VPN service. It ensures that if a sudden drop in your VPN connection
occurs, your IP address and current location remain hidden from prying eyes. This means that you don’t have to worry
about your data being leaked or monitored while the connection is down. VPN Unlimited provides a reliable Kill switch
all major platforms, so you can be sure that your information stays safe even when the VPN fails. However, it can be
difficult to disable the kill switch once it has been activated, as it will often require restarting your system. But
overall, the Kill switch provided by VPN Unlimited works great to protect you from any potential leaks when using


Logging is a major issue when it comes to privacy and security. VPN Unlimited’s logging policy is one of the most
important aspects to consider before purchasing their service. Unfortunately, they do collect more than the minimum
amount of data required for basic usage, including connection logs such as timestamps and IP addresses. However, they
not log any of your personal information or browsing activity, so your data remains secure even when connected through
their servers. Additionally, they use 256-bit encryption protocols to further protect your data while you are
This means that all of your information is kept safe from outside monitoring or interception while using VPN

Servers and locations

VPN Unlimited offers 500+ servers in 56+ countries, providing good coverage worldwide. Although the number of servers
could be higher, the company has distributed them in such a way that Africa, the Middle East, and India receive extra
attention. However, only 5 of their 500+ servers are P2P-optimized and all five are located either in North America or
Europe. Moreover, some of their servers are virtual rather than physical which can lead to performance issues.
Regardless, with so many server locations available, you can easily find one that suits your needs best and enjoy
and private browsing no matter where you are in the world.

Plans and pricing

Plans and pricing is an important factor when choosing a VPN provider. VPN Unlimited offers several plans that are
reasonably priced and provide excellent value for money. You can choose either a monthly, yearly or lifetime plan
depending on your needs and budget. The monthly plan comes at an affordable price of $9.99/month, while the yearly
costs $3.33/month but requires a one-time payment of $39.99 upfront. For those looking for the best value, the
plan is the best choice as it only has to be paid once, offering you continuous protection for up to 5 devices with
unlimited data transfer at only $149.99! Additionally, you can also add Passwarden password manager to your package at
an extra cost of 10%.

Interface and ease of use

Using VPN Unlimited is a breeze. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to find the right settings and get
quickly. The app itself is intuitive, with all the main features clearly laid out and accessible through the main
dashboard. You can easily switch between different server locations, see your connection status and data usage, as
as adjust your security settings with just a few clicks. For advanced users, there are plenty of options to customize
their experience, including split tunneling and more. On top of that, you can also connect up to 5 devices
simultaneously and enjoy unlimited bandwidth for optimized streaming and gaming performance.

Desktop apps

For those who prefer a desktop experience, VPN Unlimited has you covered. Its Windows app is well-designed and easy
use, making it perfect for novices and experienced users alike. With the app, you can quickly connect to any of its
servers in over 70 countries and benefit from unlimited bandwidth for streaming and gaming. Plus, you can customize
connection by adjusting settings like split tunneling or enabling extra security features. To top it off, the Windows
app also supports up to 5 simultaneous devices so you can share the connection with friends or family members without
compromising on performance.


The macOS app of VPN Unlimited isn’t as feature-rich as its Windows counterpart, but it’s still a great choice if
looking for a secure and reliable connection. With the app, you can quickly connect to any of its servers in over 70
countries and benefit from unlimited bandwidth for streaming and gaming. Plus, you can customize your connection by
adjusting settings like split tunneling or enabling extra security features. The best part is that all tunneling
protocols are available, including OpenVPN and WireGuard. To make things even better, the dark theme looks pretty neat
too. All in all, it’s an excellent choice for Mac users who want a secure connection with no hassle.


Linux is an open source operating system that is gaining in popularity among tech enthusiasts and everyday users
It has a wide range of features and uses, from powering websites to providing a user friendly environment for gaming,
graphics editing, and more. Linux is quickly becoming the operating system of choice for many due to its low cost,
flexibility, and security. Additionally, with the recent launch of VPN Unlimited for Linux, users now have access to
incredibly secure connection on their favorite OS. With an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) similar to that
Windows applications, VPN Unlimited makes it easy to connect securely while protecting your privacy online. Whether
you’re using Linux for work or play, VPN Unlimited can help keep your data safe and secure.

Mobile apps

With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, mobile apps are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily
lives. Whether you’re checking emails, browsing the web, or playing games, mobile apps have become a reliable and
convenient way to stay connected. Fortunately, today’s mobile users can now enjoy a secure connection with VPN
Unlimited’s mobile app. Featuring intuitive designs for both Android and iOS devices, VPN Unlimited provides an
easy-to-use interface to help users protect their online privacy when using their phones. The app also offers
features such as a kill switch and biometric authentication for even greater security. So if you’re looking for a safe
and secure way to keep your data safe while using your phone or tablet, be sure to check out VPN Unlimited’s mobile

Browser extensions

Browser extensions are becoming an increasingly popular way of staying secure online. With VPN Unlimited’s browser
extensions, users can now enjoy a secure connection from their favorite browser. Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera
and Edge, the browser extension is designed to be easy-to-use and provide powerful features. It provides WebRTC
protection and KeepSolid Wise stealth protocol for added security and can even unblock Netflix US and BBC iPlayer for
you. With its intuitive design and wide range of features, VPN Unlimited’s browser extension is sure to give you the
best possible browsing experience while keeping your data safe. So if you want to keep your online activity secure
using your favorite browser, be sure to check out VPN Unlimited’s browser extensions!

Customer support

When it comes to customer support, VPN Unlimited sets the bar high. With its 24/7 live chat, users get speedy answers
their questions and can even cancel their subscription within minutes. Plus, the knowledge base provides helpful
to common issues and troubleshooting guides. But that’s not all VPN Unlimited offers – they also have an email support
system that promises to answer queries within one hour. All in all, with its wide range of customer support options,
Unlimited is sure to meet the needs of any user looking for a secure connection and reliable customer service.


What is VPN Unlimited?

VPN Unlimited is a virtual private network (VPN) service that allows users to browse the internet securely and privately, by encrypting their internet traffic and hiding their IP address.

Is VPN Unlimited safe to use?

Yes, VPN Unlimited is safe to use. It uses strong encryption methods to protect user data and hides their IP address, making it difficult for third parties to track their online activities. Additionally, VPN Unlimited has a no-logging policy, which means they do not store any user data.

Can VPN Unlimited be used for streaming and torrenting?

Yes, VPN Unlimited can be used for streaming and torrenting. It has servers optimized for streaming and P2P traffic, which ensures a smooth and fast connection.

Does VPN Unlimited have a free trial or money-back guarantee?

Yes, VPN Unlimited offers a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows users to try the service risk-free and get a refund if they are not satisfied.

How many devices can I use VPN Unlimited on?

VPN Unlimited allows users to use the service on up to 10 devices simultaneously with one account. Users can also purchase additional device slots if needed.

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