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TunnelBear VPN Review 2023

About TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a leading VPN service provider that provides users with a secure connection when browsing the web. The
company was founded in 2011 and has since become one of the most trusted providers in the industry thanks to its
top-notch security, reliability and ease of use. TunnelBear offers a wide range of features such as DNS leak
anti-malware scanning and fast speeds even when using multiple devices simultaneously. The company has also been
acquired by McAfee which means it now adheres to U.S data laws, making it an ideal choice for those who want to stay
safe on public Wi-Fi networks or private residential networks. With all the features that TunnelBear offers, it is no
wonder why it has become so popular among users across the world.

TunnelBear VPN features

TunnelBear VPN offers a range of features to help users stay secure online. Its DNS leak protection ensures that your
data is not visible to anyone else, while its anti-malware scanning helps keep malicious content away from your
TunnelBear also comes with an unlimited device allowance, meaning you can use it on as many devices as you want.
Furthermore, the company’s fast speeds allow you to browse the web without buffering or lag. Additionally,
no-logs policy means that none of your data is stored on their servers and they cannot share it with third parties.
in all, TunnelBear’s security measures make it one of the most reliable VPN services out there.

Server count and countries

TunnelBear VPN provides a wide range of server locations to choose from. They have multiple servers within 47
across the globe, which allows for better online anonymity. Unfortunately, TunnelBear does not publicly disclose how
many direct servers are utilized in those 47 countries, so it’s difficult to determine the exact number of servers
available. However, during our testing, we found that larger countries such as the United States and Canada had more
server connections than other countries. There were 13 servers available in the U.S. and three in Canada during our
tests. Despite this shortfall, TunnelBear still offers an extensive choice of server locations and is committed to
providing its users with a secure connection no matter where they are located.

No-logs policy and headquarters

TunnelBear VPN is committed to providing its users with a secure connection no matter where they are located. One of
ways it does this is by adhering to a strict no-logs policy and keeping its headquarters in Canada. TunnelBear does
collect or store any user data, including browsing activity, IP addresses, or timestamps. This means that even if the
company was forced to hand over information to law enforcement agencies, there would be nothing for them to access. In
addition, TunnelBear operates under the protection of both Canadian and EU privacy laws. This further enhances user
security and ensures that their data remains private and secure at all times. With TunnelBear’s extensive server
coverage, reliable no-logs policy, and commitment to protecting user privacy, it’s easy to see why this VPN provider
continues to be a popular choice amongst those looking for online anonymity.

Kill switch

TunnelBear’s VigilantBear kill switch is designed to provide users with an extra layer of protection. This feature
by automatically disconnecting your device from the internet if it detects a disruption or disconnection in your VPN
connection. This helps prevent any data from being exposed, as well as stopping you from inadvertently connecting to
default internet connection. The VigilantBear kill switch is integrated into TunnelBear’s software, making it easy to
activate and deactivate when needed. TunnelBear also offers another security measure called GhostBear which can
your encrypted data traffic as regular internet data so that it cannot be blocked or detected by firewalls and other
censorships measures. With these features working together, TunnelBear provides its users with a secure and reliable
connection no matter where they are located.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling is a popular feature for VPN users that allows for greater control over which apps are tunneled
TunnelBear’s secure and encrypted connection. This feature helps users to protect their data from potential leaks, as
well as accessing sites or applications that require local IP access. With SplitBear, you can easily choose which
traffic to route through your ISP and which through the encrypted VPN tunnel. For example, you could route all of your
banking and email traffic through your VPN connection while routing less sensitive web browsing requests directly to
your ISP. SplitBear also works with TunnelBear’s VigilantBear kill switch feature so that any disruption in the
connection will automatically trigger the kill switch and disconnect your device from the internet. This ensures that
data is exposed in case of an unexpected disconnection.


Encryption is a significant measure that TunnelBear takes to ensure the security of its users’ data. TunnelBear
multiple end-to-end encryption methods, including AES-256 along with a secured hash algorithm (SHA) and the
Diffie–Hellman (DH) key exchange. This combination is considered one of the most secure available, as it provides a
nearly unbreakable level of encryption while still being very efficient in terms of computing power. Through this
encryption, TunnelBear can protect your data from hackers and other malicious actors by preventing them from reading
messages or files you send over the network. Encryption also helps keep your information safe if ever intercepted
transmission, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access your data without your permission.

VPN protocol

TunnelBear is a VPN provider that offers its users multiple protocols for secure, anonymous web browsing. OpenVPN and
IKEv2 are the two primary protocols used on Windows and iOS while OpenVPN is the only protocol available on macOS and
Android. Each of these protocols utilizes AES-256 encryption to ensure that user data is secure from malicious actors
such as hackers. The Diffie–Hellman (DH) key exchange works in tandem with the SHA secured hash algorithm for an
additional layer of security. All this makes TunnelBear one of the most secure VPN providers available, providing a
reliable solution for those looking to browse anonymously or keep their data safe while connected to public networks.


TunnelBear offers two different pricing plans for its users: a free plan and an Unlimited plan. The free plan is
to 500 MB per month, which is perfect for casual browsing or as a trial run before deciding whether or not to upgrade.
The Unlimited plan, however, comes with unlimited data usage and supports up to five devices, making it ideal for
who need more than 500 MB of data each month. It is also the most cost-effective option, with monthly fees starting at
just $9.99 USD and discounts available when you pay annually in advance. Overall, TunnelBear provides an affordable
solution for all levels of VPN users, from casual web surfers to power users looking for secure access to public

TunnelBear payment methods

TunnelBear offers a range of payment methods to suit the needs of its users. Credit and debit cards from Visa,
MasterCard, and American Express are accepted, as is Apple Pay for those downloading from the app store. For those
looking for more secure transaction options, TunnelBear also accepts PayPal payments. All transactions are protected
256-bit encryption and stored securely on their servers for added privacy. Additionally, TunnelBear does not store any
personal information or payment details on their servers. This ensures that all payments remain safe and secure with
risk of compromise.

Is TunnelBear VPN Completely Free?

TunnelBear is a popular VPN service that offers users both free and paid versions. While the free version offers
unlimited data and access to servers in 23 countries, there are several restrictions in place. Firstly, the free
is restricted to 500MB of data per month and only allows access to three server locations. Additionally, many features
such as DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and P2P sharing are disabled on the free version. Furthermore, the
on the free version can be quite slow due to its limited server network. Despite these limitations, TunnelBear is
an excellent choice for basic browsing activities such as streaming video or accessing websites from different


TunnelBear is one of the most user-friendly VPN services available, making it an ideal choice for those who want a
hassle-free experience. Downloading the app is simple and straightforward – no complicated setup processes required!
app even moves itself to your hard drive or applications folder automatically with your approval. Plus, creating an
account is easy too, as you’ll be prompted to make a password when you open the app. What’s more, getting a paid plan
isn’t much more complicated either – TunnelBear offers simple pricing plans that are easy to understand and sign up
All in all, TunnelBear makes it easy for anyone to start using a VPN with minimal fuss.

TunnelBear Desktop App

The TunnelBear desktop app is a great option for anyone looking to secure and enhance their online experience. It is
designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, making it easy to download, install and start using within
minutes. The app’s main control is a big button at the top of the window that allows you to easily connect or
from the VPN. Plus, the app also provides helpful visual cues such as a coloured or greyed out map which lets you know
whether you are connected or not. With its straightforward pricing plans, simple setup process and intuitive
TunnelBear makes it easy for anyone to start using a VPN with minimal fuss.

TunnelBear Mobile Apps

TunnelBear’s mobile apps are just as user-friendly and secure as its desktop versions, giving users the ability to
their online security with them wherever they go. The app offers the same map interface and server list, allowing
to quickly select which country they would like to connect to or disconnect from. Both Android and iOS users have
to the same range of features and settings, including a kill switch and the ability to use split tunneling.
Security-wise, TunnelBear’s apps utilize AES 256-bit encryption for maximum privacy and protection against potential
data breaches. On top of that, TunnelBear also provides a strict no-logging policy so you can be sure that your data
safe when using their service on the go.


TunnelBear is a popular VPN service, with millions of users around the world relying on it for secure and private
internet access. However, its speed isn’t particularly impressive. To be considered one of the fastest VPNs, it needs
have low latency and fast download and upload speeds. Unfortunately, TunnelBear doesn’t perform well over long
or inconsistent connections, meaning that if you want to stream video or download large files, then you’re better off
choosing another provider. The good news is that TunnelBear does offer some of the most secure protocols available, so
if your priority is data security rather than speed then this could be an ideal choice for you.


TunnelBear is renowned for its robust security protocols and encryption standards, making it a popular choice among
privacy-conscious users. Its AES 256-bit encryption provides the highest levels of data protection, and its OpenVPN
protocol is considered to be one of the most secure options available. Additionally, TunnelBear also has strict
no-logging policies in place, meaning that your online activity will never be stored or monitored. To further enhance
your security, TunnelBear offers a killswitch feature which will instantly disconnect you from the internet if a VPN
connection drops out – ensuring that your data remains safe at all times. Overall, TunnelBear is one of the best
when it comes to protecting your data while browsing online.


TunnelBear is committed to protecting your privacy online. It has a strict no-logging policy, meaning that none of
data is stored or monitored. Furthermore, TunnelBear’s privacy policy includes an extensive list of all the ways it
might collect data on you, and most of this information is not identifiable or linked to real IP addresses.
Additionally, TunnelBear also uses advanced encryption technologies such as AES 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN
to ensure that your data remains secure at all times. Finally, its killswitch feature will instantly disconnect you
the internet if a VPN connection drops out – ensuring that your browsing activity stays private. All in all,
is one of the best options for those in search of top-notch privacy protection while browsing online.

Streaming Performance

For those looking to use TunnelBear for streaming, the results may be mixed. While its speeds are decent enough to
handle HD streaming without too many issues, its limited data allowance on the free plan and lack of access to
platforms make it less than ideal. That being said, it’s still possible to stream with TunnelBear if you have a
subscription or opt for a higher-priced plan. But even then, its lack of features such as split tunneling and server
switching mean that users will have to work around potential restrictions imposed by streaming services. Ultimately,
while TunnelBear is not the best choice for streaming performance, it still provides good enough speeds and privacy
protection to make it worth considering – especially if you’re just starting out with VPNs.

Server Locations

TunnelBear is well known for its extensive server network. It currently has servers in 47 countries across the world,
but due to technical issues, it is unable to maintain its physical servers in Ukraine. This server network covers most
of the world’s major regions, such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. However,
TunnelBear does not separate its server locations by city. Therefore, when connecting to a specific country such as
United States, you will only know for sure that your server is located somewhere within that country’s borders.
this limitation on pinpoint accuracy of location selection, TunnelBear’s wide range of global coverage makes it an
attractive option for those seeking privacy and security without sacrificing performance.

Customer Support

TunnelBear values customer support as one of its top priorities. They offer a comprehensive knowledgebase full of
helpful articles and tutorials covering topics from installation to troubleshooting. It’s written in plain language
designed to be easy to understand, so customers can quickly find the answers they need without any hassle. If the
knowledgebase fails to answer your question, TunnelBear also offers a ticket-based customer support system which is
available 24/7. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced user, TunnelBear’s customer support team is always
available and willing to help with whatever questions you may have.

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