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TorGuard VPN Review

TorGuard VPN is a solid product that offers users an array of security features. The VPN service provides the
tunneling protocol, which is known to be fast and secure. It also ensures that IPv6 leaks do not occur and has a
proxy that keeps your online activity hidden from prying eyes.

Do the TorGuard VPN features effectively operate?

TorGuard VPN offers a range of security features, including the WireGuard tunneling protocol, IPv6 leak protection,
a Stealth proxy. These features ensure that your online activity remains private and secure from prying eyes. The VPN
also an excellent choice for torrenting and bypassing internet censorship in countries like China.

Kill Switch

One of the standout features of TorGuard VPN is its kill switch. The kill switch feature is significant because it
prevents any internet traffic from passing through if the VPN connection suddenly drops, keeping your real IP address
hidden from active apps or your internet provider.

The kill switch can be activated in the Network settings and has been observed to function as expected. The App Kill
feature, however, only restricts certain applications instead of all online traffic. While not as secure as the real
kill switch, it still provides an added layer of protection.

Overall, having a kill switch is crucial for anyone using a VPN to ensure their online privacy and security.
implementation of this feature is reliable and effective, making it a top choice for those seeking ultimate protection
while browsing the web.

Split Tunneling

TorGuard VPN does not currently offer split tunneling, which allows users to choose which apps or websites use the
connection and which do not. However, the company has stated that this feature is on its future roadmap. Split
can be useful for those who need to access certain local resources while still maintaining their privacy and security
online. While it is unfortunate that TorGuard does not currently provide this option, their reliable kill switch
can help mitigate any potential issues if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. We will update our readers when split
tunneling becomes available from TorGuard.


TorGuard VPN does not currently offer multi-hop, a feature that routes your internet traffic through two VPN servers
extra security. However, they do have an alternative called Stealth Mode. This feature obfuscates your VPN connection,
making it look like normal internet traffic to everyone except you and TorGuard. This means that your ISP, the
government, or even network administrators won’t see that you’re using a VPN. While not as effective as multi-hop in
securing your traffic, Stealth Mode makes your traffic less conspicuous. For those who prioritize high levels of
security and privacy, the lack of multi-hop may be a downside to choosing TorGuard VPN. However, their alternative
option provides some level of protection against prying eyes on the web.


When it comes to streaming, TorGuard VPN’s ability to deliver depends on the plan you choose. We found that the
plan did not allow us to stream Netflix or Prime Video from any server we connected to. However, upgrading to the Pro
plan allowed us to access both platforms easily. Additionally, the Pro plan came with a free dedicated IP address that
allowed us to access streaming content in specific regions without detection. For example, we were able to obtain a
streaming IP address in France and enjoy subtitled romantic movies without interruptions. While TorGuard VPN does not
offer multi-hop for added security, their Stealth Mode feature obfuscates your traffic and makes it less conspicuous.
Overall, if you want reliable streaming capabilities with added privacy protection, consider opting for TorGuard VPN’s
Pro plan with a dedicated IP address.


TorGuard VPN is a great choice for torrenting. All three plans support torrenting and we were able to successfully
uTorrent and BitTorrent on all the servers we tested. One of TorGuard’s standout features for torrenting is their port
forwarding option, which allows users to request the creation and use of a specific port in the server they are using
for downloading torrents. This can lead to faster download speeds as it makes you more connectable to peers. You can
easily request to open a new port by going to your TorGuard account dashboard and clicking Services, then My Services.

Additionally, TorGuard VPN’s privacy protections make it an ideal choice for those who want to keep their torrenting
activities private. They offer a strict no-logs policy and their Stealth Mode feature obfuscates your traffic, making
harder for ISPs or other prying eyes to detect your online activities. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable VPN
option that supports fast and secure torrenting, TorGuard VPN is definitely worth considering.

VPN Protocols

TorGuard VPN offers multiple protocols to choose from, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2/IPSec. OpenVPN is a
popular open-source protocol that has been around for years and provides a good balance between speed and security.
WireGuard is a newer protocol that’s gaining popularity because of its superior speed, especially on mobile devices,
without compromising security features. Finally, IKEv2/IPSec is known for its reliability.

When selecting a VPN protocol, it’s essential to consider your device’s compatibility and the level of security you
require. Generally speaking, OpenVPN is the most widely used protocol among VPN providers because of its flexibility
strong encryption capabilities. However, if you’re looking for faster speeds but still want robust security features,
then WireGuard may be an excellent option for you.

Ultimately, the choice of protocol depends on your specific needs and preferences. Fortunately, with TorGuard VPN’s
multiple protocols available at your disposal, you can experiment with different options until you find the one that
works best for you.

TorGuard VPN Privacy

When it comes to VPNs, privacy is paramount. That’s why TorGuard VPN stands out from the competition with its strict
no-logging policy. The company clearly states that it does not collect or log any data from its VPN or Proxy services,
giving users peace of mind knowing that their online activities remain private.

Moreover, TorGuard VPN offers a range of privacy features such as DNS leak protection, kill switch, and stealth proxy
prevent your IP address from being exposed. With these measures in place, you can browse the internet securely without
worrying about third parties tracking your online activities.

In summary, if you prioritize privacy when using a VPN service, TorGuard VPN is an excellent choice. Its no-logging
policy and robust security features make it one of the most reliable options available.

Servers and locations

TorGuard VPN boasts an impressive 3000 servers in 50 countries. Each of these servers supports torrenting and the
WireGuard protocol, making it a popular choice for those who prioritize speed and security. However, some regions of
world lack coverage, such as Africa where only one country is currently supported – South Africa. Despite this
limitation, TorGuard’s server network is still one of the most extensive in the VPN market. The vast majority of its
servers are physical, which ensures optimal performance and reliability. With its global reach and excellent server
infrastructure, TorGuard VPN offers users a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a location for their
activities. Whether you’re looking for fast download speeds or greater privacy protections, TorGuard has you covered
with its diverse server network.

Plans & pricing

When it comes to pricing, TorGuard VPN offers several subscription plans that cater to different needs. The quarterly
plan costs $19.99, which translates to $6.66 a month, while the semi-annual plan is priced at $29.99 or $4.99 per
Interestingly, the annual plan doesn’t offer any further discount and is priced at $59.99 or the same $4.99 per month
the semi-annual plan. While TorGuard’s pricing is competitive, it falls short in comparison to other VPNs that offer
more extended money-back guarantees, such as NordVPN and Surfshark’s 30-day refund policies compared to TorGuard’s
seven-day guarantee.

Moreover, obtaining a free trial of TorGuard VPN requires purchasing a subscription with another VPN provider before
sending a copy of your last bill to support agents at for approval. Despite these limitations,
TorGuard VPN’s pricing plans still provide users with excellent value for their money, especially with its vast server
network and advanced security features like WireGuard protocol support.

Interface and ease of use

TorGuard VPN’s interface is minimalistic, but unfortunately, it might not be the most user-friendly for beginners.
lack of a map to select countries and the scrambled advanced and basic settings may make it challenging to navigate
some users. However, the installation process is smooth, and once inside the application, navigating becomes more
manageable. Despite these shortcomings, TorGuard VPN’s pricing plans offer excellent value for money with its vast
server network and advanced security features like WireGuard protocol support. Overall, while TorGuard VPN’s interface
may not be the most intuitive or user-friendly in comparison to other VPNs on the market, it still provides reliable
secure services at competitive prices.

Desktop apps

TorGuard VPN’s desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux offer a similar user experience, with access to WireGuard,
OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), and OpenConnect protocols. However, Linux users may need to manually install the WireGuard package.
The desktop apps also come equipped with essential features like a kill switch, App Kill, script options, and the
ability to connect through a proxy. When not connected to TorGuard VPN, users may receive frequent notifications every
minute or two until they reconnect. While the interface may not be the most user-friendly for beginners due to
advanced and basic settings and no map option to select countries, TorGuard VPN still provides excellent value for
with its vast server network and advanced security features at competitive prices.

TorGuard mobile apps

TorGuard VPN offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. While the iOS and Android apps look similar, they
some differences in terms of supported protocols. The Android app offers OpenVPN and WireGuard, while the iOS app
supports IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN but not WireGuard. Additionally, only the Android version offers split tunneling.

However, some users have reported that the TorGuard VPN app can be buggy at times. For example, when mistyping a
password, the program may freeze and require a restart. Also, using OpenVPN on the mobile app may result in slower
connections compared to using it on Windows.

Overall, TorGuard VPN’s mobile apps still provide reliable security features like a kill switch and access to
protocols. They are a convenient way to stay protected while browsing on-the-go.

Is TorGuard compatible with Netflix for streaming purposes?

TorGuard VPN is not the best option for streaming Netflix. Despite its efforts to bypass geo-restrictions, TorGuard
fails to unblock the American content on Netflix. The platform also doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer and Disney+.
it can access the geo-blocked content of YouTube.

While TorGuard VPN offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, some users have reported that the app can be
buggy at times. Additionally, using OpenVPN on the mobile app may result in slower connections compared to using it on

Overall, if your main reason for using a VPN is to stream content from sites like Netflix or BBC iPlayer, you might
to consider other options as TorGuard VPN may not provide reliable performance for this purpose.

Is TorGuard good for torrenting?

TorGuard VPN is a great option for those who are looking for a VPN to use while torrenting. All of the servers
by TorGuard support P2P file sharing, including torrents, and you can torrent via the application itself or the SOCKS5
proxy. The platform also works seamlessly with popular torrenting apps like uTorrent and Vuze.

During our testing, we found that the download speed of TorGuard VPN was not capped in any way but varied randomly
between 10MB/s to 6MB/s. Despite this, these were still some of the fastest torrenting speeds any VPN has offered us.

If you’re someone who frequently torrents, then TorGuard VPN is an excellent choice for you as it provides reliable
performance and secure connections for all your P2P file sharing needs.

Customer support

When it comes to customer support, TorGuard VPN offers a ticket system for users to submit their queries.
the 24/7 support option on their website can be misleading as there is no live chat feature available. Some users have
reported issues with the ticket system, including login problems and reloading pages. However, TorGuard does provide
email address ( for customers to contact them directly without needing to submit their
credentials. Overall, while TorGuard’s customer support options may not be the most extensive or user-friendly, they
offer alternative methods for users to seek assistance when needed.

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