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Download Free tunXten VPN 2020

Download Free vpn tunXten VPN – An Open Client which handles all the connections via system tray, efficiently. tunXten aims to help system administrators who need to work with several OpenVPN configurations simultaneously, providing a more efficient way to manage all the connections.

Control your connections via the system tray

Created with ease of use in mind, tunXten is simple to work with, and the average user should face no difficulties in getting accustomed to all its options. Aiming for accessibility, it sits in the system tray, enabling you to discover its functionality by hovering or clicking over its icon.


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A sample configuration is available to help you understand how things work. Once you get the hang of it, you can import new OpenVPN configuration files from your computer or from the OpenVPN Access Server (login data is required).

Download Free tunXten VPN

Manage connections with just a few clicks

It’s enough to hover the mouse cursor over the tray icon and tunXten reveals all the connections, displaying them one on top of the other. You can pin any of them to the desktop to keep them visible at all times.

Each small connection window provides plenty of options for connecting and reconnecting to the VPN, viewing the action log, or editing the configuration. Automatic connection functions are also available.

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It is also possible to manage all the connections with a single click. In other words, you can connect, reconnect, or disconnect all the entries with the push of a button.

Handle OpenVPN configurations much easier

You can also Download free vpn– windscribe. There is no doubt that tunXten makes it easier to work with OpenVPN. Managing connections via the system tray is definitely convenient and productive. Additionally, it enables you to monitor TAP adapters and their activity, displaying popup notifications in case of connection failures or other issues that require your attention. Thus, if you are working with OpenVPN, then tunXten might be exactly what you need. Hope this VPN is useful for your work, Download free VPN tunXten vpn here.

Download Free tunXten VPN

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