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Download free OpenConnect-GUI VPN client

Download free OpenConnect-GUI VPN client

Download free VPN OpenConnect: Openconnect is an open-source VPN service that provides you a handy and user-friendly environment for streaming and using a VPN.

Initially made to supplant the security-orientated Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN, OpenConnect is an SSL VPN customer that, apparently, enables you to interface with different secure indicate point private systems.

Since taking care of OpenConnect requires a tiny bit of summoning line information, it’s justifiable on the off chance that you may search for an easier to use arrangement.

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Meet OpenConnect-GUI VPN customer, a somewhat shortsighted utility that furnishes you with a reduced GUI to get about while utilizing OpenConnect. Before anything, we ought to call attention to that the application is still in a genuinely youthful, Beta improvement organize.

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Basic VPN customer that is both simple to introduce and to coexist with

There are two principle tab segments, one that enables you to include, arrange and interface with different profiles and VPN servers, while alternate offers you nitty gritty data in regards to the private picked systems, for example, IPv4, DNS, DTLS Cipher, and also download and transfer counters.

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Easily coordinates with your PC’s taskbar

It’s likewise worth calling attention to that, notwithstanding its desolate looks, the utility exhibits great taskbar mix. When you arrange maybe a couple of profiles, you can truly utilize the application without accessing its principle window just with the assistance of its taskbar menu.

While we’re regarding the matter, you ought to likewise realize that you can arrange the application to limit to the plate zone, to limit as opposed to shutting and to begin as limited.

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The visually-unimpressive but efficient VPN client

Also, download free VPN Express and other VPN from this site. What do you expect from your VPN client? Making the overall service experience more reliable and accessible, increasing user productivity. OpenConnect will do all this in the most simplifies and user-friendly way.

Download OpenConnect GUI Free:

Download OpenConnect GUI Free and enjoy a secure connection with multiple VPN servers. The details of free versions are mentioned below:

Version: 1.5.1

File Size: 21.86 MB

License: Free to download

Downloads: 1955

Updated on: 30 March 2017

Platform: Windows

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