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Download Free Onion Buddy VPN

Download free VPN Onion Buddy: Securely examine the Internet while guaranteeing that your assurance stays untouched with the help of this Tor-based, VPN-like utility
If you some way or another figured out how to Google “obscure scrutinizing,” there’s a better chance that Tor – The Onion Router, adjacent to the infamous Tor Browser, would be someplace in the primary ten results.

Download Free Onion Buddy VPN
Tor-proxy all of your applications with the help of Onion Buddy

The mentioned browser redirects all your web traffic via Tor Network allowing you to browse unidentified, and the signal can’t detect you, well, at least in theory.

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Anyway, if Tor Browser’s looks or helpfulness are not accurate to your liking, then Onion Buddy might just be the perfect choice for you. In just two or three words, this smart and careless application act as a proxy on a system-wide level for your PC, which implies you can use any of your most ideal Internet browsers to take the edge of the “onion-layered” networks.
Probably the easiest way take benefit of everything Tor has to offer

Download Free Onion Buddy VPN

In case everything starting at now sounds too much caught, fear not, it may watch it to be essentially less difficult to use than the certifiable Tor Browser. You need to download the application, run its installer (which manages everything with no sort of intervention on your part) and dispatch the application from its locations or via its automatically created desktop icon.

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Once started, head straight over to the Connectivity zone remembering the true objective to guarantee that Onion Buddy has all bases secured, to be particular if the Google, DragonFruit Network, and Tor Service are all up and running. To activate Tor, just press the Toggle Tor to get from the upper bit of the application’s simplistic major window. After a short deferral, you should be met by a certification screen in your web browser which said that “You are now online with Tor!”.

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The authentic alternative to the famous Tor Browser, this tool permits you to get the same advantage while using other browsers.

You can also download free VPN Seed4.Me.Considering everything that has been expressed, Onion Buddy is a significantly impressive utility and moreover the perfect companion for customers who like the idea behind Tor, but you are not exactly eager about using their bespoke, Mozilla-based browser to needs the job done. Download free VPN Onion Buddy VPN link below.

Download Free Onion Buddy VPN

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